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Why do the Saints ignore Sensuality?

I was taught that women should keep themselves pure to the point of ignoring their beauty. And I don’t mean we don’t recognize our beauty, I mean we ignore the entire experience that ties in to our process of discovering the awakening of our beauty.

I understand that most people would like to pervert the subject with sexual expectations, but I would argue that those who do are small minded and fearful. Sensuality is so much more than that. I truly believe there is a way to navigate this without making it about sex. Hear me out. I remember being my room as young girl, seeing my skin, and thinking how pretty it was. Sitting in front of the mirror and thinking “What is it about me?”. Then out of religion shunning my vanity...? I often feel like, for women especially, we ignore how we feel about ourselves because we were told not to enjoy uniqueness of who God created about us. That ourselves are on reserve for our mate, or in complete servitude for the church. Or, that if we are chaste or in lowliness of mind concerning how we experience ourselves in our current bodies, we get brownie points in heaven. We would put all of this together, meaning make up and perfume, and putting on a nice outfit to what end? To pause for audience reaction? To be appropriate in the site of man?

And I understand how important it is for us to make sure we aren’t full of ourselves. I want nothing more to be who God intended for me to be, but I know the moments when I smell my own perfume, when I’m speaking in to myself, and when I’m seeing my beauty, how appreciative I am that I am me. I even posed the question to my husband, and he observed that the only reason their is an ignorance to sensuality is because men add the element of sexuality. It turns their admiration in to lust, so in order to control it, they shun it.

Outrageous right?

I honestly hope we can all see what true sensuality is and be able to address it properly. Especially where kids are concerned. I define it as a place where your spiritual meets your physical, and combines your beauty to your uniqueness, forming a confident you that is purposed in God. It’s a state of being with oneself, in the purity of God, but in the swag of you. A whole flex, if you ask me.

Let me know what you think.

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