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The Peace after Pressure

mon noir est magnifique...

As a black woman, wife, and mom I have concerns. None that I will give life to with writing or speaking, but concerns nonetheless. I try not to consume my everyday with concerns about something my husband and son can not control— the color of their skin. Everyday I’ve noticed more and more how often I am ‘Just checking in’ with my husband. Or how I watch people look at my son, and make sure they are just admiring his cuteness and nothing more. It’s unfortunate that this is life for most women like me, but I find that it causes unnecessary stress and pressure. So much so that I find myself annoyed because In reality, I can’t see everything. I am one woman. I am my husbands wife and my sons mother. I am not omnipresent, I am just the one me that they have. I can only lookout and do so much. As I came to this conclusion, I told myself either I will trust God with them and just live in their now, or I will always be looking past them, over their shoulders. And that is no life when they’re right here in front of me. I felt immediate peace with that resolution. God assured me that He got them covered, and that He loves them just as much as He does me. So I rest in that. That’s what I do now. I rest. I trust. Taking in the precious moments, and releasing the pressure. I hope you all are doing so too. And my heart goes out to the mothers who can’t. There’s work to be done. I’m covering y’all, and I pray that you have peace.

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