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The Good & Grounded

I find myself in this place where I am constantly fighting to let God validate me but yet being pulled by outside forces to make me doubt me. This here, me writing, me believing in myself to make good content, me being a photographer, me being an artist, a business woman, a mom, and a partner- I am often asking God if I should keep going. I am so happy when I get to create. When I sit down and just pour out my thoughts on this platform, and show my humanity, when I get to just be free to be me... comparison just comes, like a thief, to try and rob me of my happiness. Like I don’t have a right to be here. Then I start to feel guilty for even wasting the time because that comparison slowed me down. And if you slow down then you can’t reach you’re authenticity, and if you can’t reach your authenticity you’ll fall in the category of people who chose to focus on the insecurity and not the passion... and what kind of life is that? It’s exhausting. Comparison will wear you out if you let it. So I purposely have to say “It’s okay. You can start again. Passion only.” I have to refocus. Once I’m back on the “passion wagon” lol, I find that I forget about the insecurity and flesh out a great shot, or write a dope lyric, and just become better. I remember that God made my creativity unique to me, and what I make is as distinctive as my fingerprint. It’s mine, and like no one else’s. Peculiar. And that’s so dope. So... to passion. May you focus on yours, and continue to inspire without doubt... Cheers.

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