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I do my best to be as honest as possible. I sometimes fumble over my words, but I feel as though I eventually get my point across. But I refuse to sugar coat or compromise when it comes to 3 things: My Faith, My Truth, and My Love.

I will eventually dive deeper into those other things, but I don’t remember introducing myself. So...

Hi. My name is Margoe. I am wife, mother, singer, and photographer. I’m from Rockford, IL (hour from Chicago). I moved to Atlanta when I was 14, and have been here ever since. My home name is Rita, so don’t be alarmed if you hear it on one of my videos. I prefer to be called Margoe, but I don’t trip on it.

Fun things about me:

I Love God

I love to travel (though I don’t get to do it as much)

I love word games

Books are my jam

I love shopping online

Reading articles

Learning new things that express femininity

Time to myself


BRUNCHING #SundayFunday

Trying new Black-Owned Restaurants

I like to keep a balance between my walk with God and being present in this world. I’d like to think that I’m down to Earth. I am not churchy, I never really fit in with that community. Kindness is my culture. I feel like I’m easy to talk to. I always wanted to be a warm face to those in the cold. I daily practice positivity and love because I know what it’s like to have been shamed and disrespected in the very worst way. So it’s literally a way of life for me. However, I have struggled with communication, not in the fact that I can’t articulate myself, but in the way of maintaining a connection. I’m not trying to sound cryptic on the subject, but just know that I’m getting better. Trauma from my past has shaped a lot of my bad habits; fear being one of them, and eating being another. I am constantly working on myself, and trying to do the will of God for my life. I suck at lying or hiding facial expressions, I speak my mind unconsciously, and I’m not afraid of disagreements. I believe true friendships have disagreements that you should be able to work through. Friction can be necessary. Finicky, judge-mental, and snooty personalities bother me. People often mistake my standards for judgment, but please understand that Jesus did not die on the cross for me to have to continue to perpetuate culturally stereotypical circumstances. Period. I sometimes read the word while listening to R&B 💁🏽, I love Soca music, I love Christian music too but not the sad, guilty kind. I love spending time with my hubby & son. My hubby is literally my best friend. I love to dance, I am amongst the good girl club of women who can twerk & wine, and I have no shame. I love being a black woman, and everything that it means, but I am elevated because I am PROUD child of GOD. I have no shame in my love for Christ, but you will never catch me beating people up with the Word. Not my cup of tea. I am Team Walk-in-Love all day everyday, but I won’t be taken advantage of. I daily converse with God about the fine lines of culture versus religious expectations. I, now, often think of “Authority Figures” as people with just titles, so its hard to intimidate me. No matter the weight that they carry, they are still just a man or a woman. There is no name or title greater than Savior.


Topics for the future Blog Posts:





Goal Getters


& Purpose

I appreciate you all rocking with me thus far. So please forgive the delay. I am a one woman band for my content right now, but I’m getting it together. I thought I’d let you get a peek at who I am. The real me, and there’s more to come. YouTube page loading. I love y’all ❤️. I would love if you would tell me more about you.

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IG: @margoe__

Twitter: @margoelive

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